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Trends in Healthcare

Advancements, Improvements, and Transformation in the Delivery of Healthcare

Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan healthcare project gets its name: Haven

4/9/19 - Haven...that sounds nice. Atul Gawande says the company he'll head wants to "change the way people experience health care so that it is simpler, better, and lower cost."How soon might they "share" their model with other innovators? [Healthcare IT News]

Bringing competitive direct primary care to Medicare

4/6/19 - If DPC finds its way in to Medicare - and there is reason to hope that it might - expect explosive growth in the Direct Primary Care market. The surge of new legislation regulating DPC is helping too. [AEI -American Enterprise Institute]

Hospital-Hotel Partnerships Push DTC Telehealth to a New Population

3/31/19 - This Florida hospital connects healthcare providers with resort customers. Innovative solution for travelers. [mHealth Intelligence]

The Secret To Success Of Concierge Medical Care

3/26/19 - As Concierge style medical practices continue to surge, the most successful remember that "high touch" comes out ahead of "high tech." [Forbes]

Take Note of Growing Demand for Subscription Services

3/23/19 - Netflix disrupted the entertainment industry in 1999 when it introduced a flat rate, monthly fee business model. It was only a matter of time before healthcare would follow suit. [AAFP]

Healthcare Consumerism

Making Healthcare More Consumer Focused and Accessible for Patients

Research shows most consumer behavioral health apps have no scientific backing

4/7/19 - Behavioral health and mental health (often used interchangeably) are no joke. Beware of the claims of the many, many digital apps in that space. [MedCity News]

1 in 7 patients get surprise bill after in-network hospital care, HCCI finds

3/31/19 - Medical debt is the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy. Surprise medical bills can lead to hefty out-of-pocket costs. [Healthcare Dive]

Look out device makers — Amazon to sell glucose monitors, blood pressure cuffs

3/26/19 - Amazon selling medical devices direct to consumers could be a game changer. Brand name: Choice. [Healthcare Dive]

4 Terms That Americans Don't Understand, But The Healthcare Industry Uses Anyway

3/21/19 - A survey by Policy Genius suggests that Americans struggle with even basic healthcare terminology. But, who's to blame? [Forbes]

Commentary: Healthcare consumer reviews are here to stay. Adapt or be defined

3/11/19 - Online reviews are becoming more abundantly available and relevant for healthcare decision making. Leah Binder shares her views. [Modern Healthcare]

Digital Health

Progress of Technology Leveraged to Assist Patients and Physicians

Gatorade's Sweat-Reading Wearable Almost Ready For Retail

4/8/19 - The last we heard, this was still being tested. Gatorade has been studying sweat and sweat loss for 30 years and Northwestern's Dr. John Rogers (School of Engineering) has some innovative ideas and know-how. [TWICE]

This new health bot aims to spur behavioral change by using human-like compassion

3/30/19 - How important is bedside manner to behavioral change? Tuzag's health bot wants to give you a big hug. [GeekWire]

More wearables shift from fitness to clinical use with new Samsung and AT&T smartwatches

3/24/19 - Blood pressure monitoring is a feature of the new Samsung watch. Apple already has electrocardiogram and fall detection. Hospitals and healthcare providers are jumping on board. [FierceHealthcare]

Garmin’s Plan To Take On Apple, Fitbit And Others In The Wearables Space.

3/21/19 - Garmin is expanding its presence in the health and wellness space to compliment its robust fitness tracking offerings. [MedCity News]

Bill Gates: 7 healthcare technologies to watch in 2019

3/13/19 - The wave of healthcare technology continues to crest. The pace of innovation is quickening. Emerging new technologies are life changing. [Health Information Technology]